Sustainability & ESG

Sistema is committed to UN SDGs and address economic, social, and environmental challenges for the sake of sustainable development of business and society.
to social insurance
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Principles for responsible investment

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  • Rigorous legal compliance and fair competition
  • Elimination of corruption and conflicts of interest
  • Observance of human rights and non-discrimination
  • Equal opportunities and decent working conditions
  • Continuous input in the socio-economic development of geographies where Sistema is active
  • Environmental & climate awareness
  • Attention to non-financial risks in investing and asset management
  • Peer-to-peer dialogue with stakeholders

Code of Corporate Governance

ESG strategy

Sustainability Policy

Environmental Policy

Human Rights Policy

Code of Ethics

Anti-Corruption Policy

Non-financial Reporting

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Sustainability Report 2021

ESG Committee

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The Committee facilitates the development and implementation of Sistema’s sustainability and responsible investment strategy, as well as the promotion of a corporate ESG culture.

In 2002, Sistema became one of the first Russian companies to join the UN Global Compact.

The UN Global Compact unites leading companies that share 10 principles in the fields of human rights, labour relations, environment, and anti-corruption and evolve their strategies so as to address specific Sustainable development Goals.
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In 2017, Sistema joined the Social Charter of Russian Business, a key voluntary initiative of the Russian business community in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Sistema adheres to responsible business practices towards its employees, civic institutions, public authorities, local communities, and environmental safety. The corporation requires compliance with such norms from all of its portfolio companies and expects ethical behaviour from its partners all along the supply and value chains.
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Sistema is among the founders of the National ESG Alliance, established in 2022

The Alliance has been supported by leading companies in ESG transformation of various industries. Its mission is to promote the transition of the Russian economy to a sustainable model through partnership and consolidation of stakeholders' efforts to preserve the environment, support social development and long-term business growth.

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ESG indices and ratings
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Sistema takes into consideration independent evaluations of corporate governance and transparency, social and environmental performance of the Corporation and its assets.

Social investment

Sistema and its portfolio companies invest in human capital, carry out large-scale and long-term initiatives in education, science, sports, and culture, support innovation and underprivileged people. The Corporation's charitable, volunteer, technological, and educational projects contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in line with national priorities, encouraging social progress of local communities and environmental evolution of territories where Sistema Group operates.

~ 5₽ bntotal direct social investments in 2019—2021

Strategic Charity

Sistema Charitable Foundation was established in 2004 as an operator for Sistema's social investments and infrastructure projects with access to the resources of companies across the Group and external partners. The foundation's programmes demonstrate how new technology evolves into solutions aimed at equal opportunities and can change human lives.

Charity Policy

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Sistema Charitable Foundation cooperates with non-profits and does not accept individual requests.

News & Events

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Segezha Group strengthens environmental safety
28 March 2022
Sistema and MTS are among the Russian leaders of environmental transparency by disclosing through CDP in 2021
9 December 2021
Sistema joins National ESG Alliance
1 December 2021
Segezha Group expands biofuel production
30 November 2021