Corporate Governance

Advanced practice

National Corporate Governance Rating 8+

Principles of good corporate governance

Effective decision making and transparency of management processes
Attention to emerging conflicts of interest
Predictable dividend policy
High professionalism of the Board of Directors

Management Structure

Functional subordination
Administrative subordination
The supreme governing body of the Corporation
Board of Directors
A collective governance body in charge of the oversight and strategic management of the Corporation
Chairman of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors Committees
Provide support for decision making and scrutinise issues to be submitted for the directors’ consideration
Corporate Secretary
Responsible for interaction with shareholders
Internal Audit Service
Provides internal audits based on a risk-approach
President and Management
Responsible for the Corporation’s performance
Chief Executive Officer (President), Chairman of the Management Board
Managing partners
Heads of functional departments
Presidential and Management Board Committees
Provide support in decision-making and detailed analysis of the current operations and business processes
Functional divisions
Responsible for the current operations

Corporate Documents

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The Charter and internal documents of Sistema PJSFC set out the corporate governance principles and procedures and the structure, establishment procedure and competence of the command and control bodies in accordance with the Russian legislation and international practice.