General Meeting of Shareholders

Sistema's highest governing body

Sistema aims to ensure maximum protection of the shareholders' right to participate in running the Corporation.

Shareholders' rights

Participation in meetings

The fundamental right of a shareholder is the right to participate in the work of the General Meeting of shareholders and the right to vote on its agenda items.

Shareholders receive information about the General Meetings at least 30 days in advance. A voting ballot is sent along with the notice.

Each shareholder may also attend General Meetings of shareholders in person and vote on agenda items.

The ballot papers may be completed by shareholders in advance and sent to the Company by post to the address specified in the ballot. The vote of the shareholder will be taken into account when counting votes.

Access to documents

A shareholder should send a written request to the Corporate Secretary of Sistema asking for access to the documents that the shareholder wishes to see. After the time is agreed upon, the requested documents will be provided to the shareholder.

Information and document packs for the meeting are provided to the shareholders in Russian and in English in advance and are also published on Sistema's official website.

Shareholders Meetings Materials

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Involvement in management

The shareholders that own sufficient equity stakes are entitled to make proposals for the agenda of the General Meeting of shareholders, and to nominate candidates for Sistema's governing and control bodies.

The proposals received are considered by the Board of Directors and are included in the agenda of the General Meeting if they comply with legal requirements.

Proposals for the agenda of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders are accepted in writing within 100 days after the end of the financial year.