FAQ for shareholders

We consider the ongoing dialogue with the investment community as an essential element to increase the investment attractiveness of the Corporation. In this section, we have collected answers to frequently asked questions from shareholders.

General meetings of shareholders

When and where will the next general meeting of shareholders take place?
How can I vote at the general meeting of shareholders? Is it necessary to attend the meeting in person?
If I have already issued a power of attorney for participation in a general meeting of shareholders to another person, can I still attend the meeting?
How do I set up the personal account of a shareholder?
Where can I study the materials of the general meeting of shareholders?
I have not received documents in connection with a general meeting of shareholders. What do I do?
I have received a report on voting results at the AGM. What does it mean?
The broker/depositary that kept record of my rights to Sistema's shares had its licence revoked. What do I do?

Registrar (registration of rights to shares)

How do I find out the exact number of Sistema's shares I hold?
How do I find out whether my rights to shares are recorded by the depositary or the register?
Why is it that I don't see my entire stake in the shareholder's personal account on the website of JSC Reyestr?
Where can I buy or sell Sistema's shares?
Where and how do I receive an excerpt from the shareholders' register?
I am a holder of your bonds. How do I find out the terms of a potential next put or coupon payment?
I have questions on Sistema's depositary receipts


How much will Sistema pay in dividends?
I haven't received a declared dividend. What do I do?
Shall I pay taxes upon receiving dividends?
How can I obtain a personal income tax certificate (2-NDFL)?
I am an heir of a Sistema shareholder. How can I receive dividends on his/her shares?

Strategy issues

What industries does the Corporation invest in?
How does the Corporation select investment targets?
What does the Corporation do to increase the value of its portfolio companies?

Sustainability & ESG

What does the Corporation do to integrate ESG principles in its investment process?
How does Sistema interact with its portfolio companies on the ESG agenda?
What does the Corporation do in the area of corporate social responsibility?
How is Sistema related to Sistema Charitable Foundation?
What does the Corporation do about environment?

Communications сhannels

How can I contact the IR service of the Corporation?
II have an investment proposal / I would like to invest in Sistema's funds and/or portfolio companies. How can I contact the management?
  • General meetings of shareholders
  • Registrar (registration of rights to shares)
  • Dividends
  • Strategy issues
  • Sustainability & ESG
  • Communications сhannels