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Regulations and business ethics

Sistema strictly follows the principles of doing open, fair and ethical business. The Ethics Code of the company sets out standards of responsible business practice and corporate conduct and provides for voluntary obligations undertaken by Sistema in addition to the requirements of the applicable corporate legislation with respect to transparency, openness, and anti-corruption procedures. The ethical standards set forth in the Code are mandatory for all employees in all countries and regions of the Corporation's presence, and apply to all the business aspects and processes of the Corporation, including:

  • compliance with laws and regulatory requirements;
  • safeguarding the legitimate rights of shareholders and investors;
  • social responsibility;
  • fair competition;
  • corruption prevention;
  • timely disclosure of reliable information;
  • relations with the government and its agencies;
  • relations with employees;
  • settlement of conflicts of interest;
  • protection of confidential information;
  • checking the credibility of contractors;
  • organising the operation of a whistleblowing system; 

The governing ethical principles and values of the Corporation

Respect to people
Fairness and impartiality
Zero tolerance of corruption and unfair competition

The Corporation has managed to win the trust of thousands of contractors and millions of customers around the world by building strong partnerships with its shareholders, investors and employees. The Corporation is committed to maintaining, strengthening and developing these relationships.

The transparent informational policy of the Corporation does not only guarantee the right of all interested parties to receive reliable and relevant information about the Corporation's business, but it is also one of the most important elements of our corporate culture.

The HR policy of the Corporation is aimed at ensuring equal opportunities for all the employees irrespective of their nationality or religion, political views or personal convictions, sex, way of life or age.

The Corporation takes management decisions on the basis of thoroughly checked information and selects its contractors, partners, and conducts business with them, on the basis of transparent and fair market conditions without any biased preferences or prejudice.

The Corporation does not participate in unethical, unlawful or unfair business activities and also takes measures aimed at ensuring that its business partners, contractors, employees and subsidiaries follow the same high ethical standards that are a distinguishing characteristic of our company.

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