The world's first coronavirus vaccine will be produced by Sistema's pharmaceutical plant

Moscow, Russia – 11 August 2020 – The world's first coronavirus vaccine has been registered. The vaccine was developed by Russia’s Gamaleya Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. According to the registration certificate, the only production facility in Russia to be engaged in the manufacturing of the new vaccine, in addition to Gamaleya Institute, is Sistema's pharmaceutical plant Binnopharm located in Zelenograd, the Moscow region.

Sistema's CEO Vladimir Chirakhov said:

"One of the crucial tasks in fighting the pandemic is to ensure quick development of a vaccine against COVID-19. We are pleased to announce that our pharmaceutical plant in Zelenograd, which has extensive experience in the manufacturing of vaccines and biotech drugs, is involved in this project. Binnopharm's production capacity enables it to produce about 1.5m doses of vaccine a year. We are planning to install additional equipment at the plant in order to increase vaccine production volumes. The vaccine will be primarily provided to Russian doctors who are fighting the coronavirus on the front line and are exposed to the highest risks. The first batches of the vaccine are ready and will shortly be supplied to Russia's regions."

The unique feature of this vaccine is a shorter period of time required for building immunity to the virus. According to the data from Gamaleya Scientific Research Institute, patients develop humoral and cellular immune responses after the first vaccination, while the injection of the second component of the vaccine boosts the immune response. The clinical trials of the vaccine were launched in June 2020. Mass production is scheduled to start at the end of 2020.

Gamaleya Scientific Research Institute was the first in Russia and the world to complete preclinical studies of the experimental sample of a coronavirus vaccine. The results of clinical studies confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine.

Binnopharm plant in Zelenograd (part of Alium Group) is a full-cycle biopharmaceutical production facility with a total area of 32,000 sq m. All technological processes and infrastructure meet both national and international GMP requirements. Binnopharm's flagship product is Regevac, the hepatitis B vaccine developed by the company.


Sistema Group has been actively involved in fighting the coronavirus from the first days of the pandemic. Sistema's portfolio assets made it possible to develop a sort of an "umbrella" giving the nation full-cycle protection from the virus. In addition to developing a vaccine against COVID-19, Sistema's initiatives in fighting the pandemic include the following:
  • In April 2020, Sistema's subsidiary Sistema BioTech obtained a market authorisation from Roszdravnadzor for a test kit for laboratory diagnostics of the coronavirus. In May, the company signed a contract with the Moscow Healthcare Department for supply of up to 1m test kits, and began laboratory and clinical trials for registration of a new rapid test that allows diagnosing the coronavirus on the go, including at workplaces, within 30 minutes.
  • Around 1 April, Medsi's flagship hospital in Otradnoye was promptly converted into an infectious disease hospital with 430 beds. The cost of conversion, personnel training and treatment of patients with COVID-19 amounted to some RUB 100m. Since 1 April, more than 2,000 patients have been cured from COVID-19 and pneumonia at the Medsi hospital in Otradnoye. Medsi also offers tests for COVID-19 and antibodies at its clinics and at home.
  • Sistema's pharma assets - Sintez and Alium - meet the demand of the population and the hospital segment for affordable medications for treating COVID-19 and its comorbidities. Over 40 drugs produced by Sintez and Alium are included in the Healthcare Ministry's list of medications for treatment and prevention of the coronavirus. Since April 2020, Sintez has delivered about 650,000 packs of hydroxychloroquine, which is used in COVID-19 treatment protocols, to hospitals in various regions of Russia.
  • Vologda Textile has converted its production facilities to produce personal protection equipment. In April-May, it manufactured over 1m of reusable masks.
  • A Health Professionals' Support Centre was established to provide organisational and financial assistance to medical workers during and after the pandemic. The #NationWithoutVirus campaign raised around RUB 500m; about 10 Russian regions received free COVID-19 test kits for 25,000 people; hospitals in the Moscow region received 200,000 protective suits from China.
  • MTS and Medsi have organised free online consultations with physicians and paediatricians for all Russian citizens via the SmartMed telemedicine service. In addition, Medsi introduced an AI-based patient care monitoring system at the clinical hospital in Otradnoye.
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