Ozon to build a logistics facility in the Samara region, invest over RUB 4 billion

At the 2021 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Governor of the Samara region, Dmitry Azarov, and Ozon’s CEO, Alexander Shulgin, signed a bilateral agreement on the development of e-commerce in the region.

The parties agreed to jointly develop e-commerce in the region and to encourage local entrepreneurs to join the Ozon’s platform. The most important stage of Ozon’s collaboration with the Samara region will be the construction of a fulfilment centre, where sellers from all over the Volga region will be able to send their goods for quick and convenient sales through Ozon.

The fulfilment centre covers the entire cycle of online orders: from the delivery of goods for storage from thousands of sellers to the receipt of orders through the platform and the preparation of packages for shipment.

Construction will be carried out on a phased basis, with the first sections of the fulfilment centre planned for delivery in the first half of 2022. Total investment in the hub will exceed RUB 4 billion; once all phases have been delivered, this one facility alone will create more than 3 thousand new jobs in the region, not counting additional parcel pickup points and delivery services. The fulfilment centre will have 75 thousand square metres of floor space.

The opening of a large logistics hub will provide new opportunities for entrepreneurs in the Volga region. First of all, sellers will be able to deliver their goods to the marketplace faster while also saving on logistics costs. In addition, thanks to accelerated delivery and an expanded product range, demand for pickup points will also increase. And this is another opportunity for local entrepreneurs, who will be able to partner with Ozon and open pickup points with additional support from the marketplace. Entrepreneurs have already opened hundreds of Ozon pickup points in the region through the partnership programme.

Alexander Shulgin, CEO of Ozon, commented: “Samara is the most important epicentre of entrepreneurship in the Volga region, and it is important for us to support the rapid growth of e-commerce here by building a large-scale logistics hub. The establishment of a fulfilment centre will, on the one hand, speed up the delivery of a wide range of Ozon products to the region’s residents. But it is even more important that the new facility will enable local sellers to sell their goods throughout Russia and even beyond its borders. I am confident that our large-scale investments in logistics in the Samara region will increase sales on the part of local sellers and lead to the development of new businesses related to e-commerce”.

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