MTS received the highest level in the AK&M ESG Reporting Rating

The AK&M rating agency has upgraded the ESG Reporting Rating of MTS to RESG 1, that corresponds to the highest level of disclosure of information on sustainable development in public reports of companies.

ESG Reporting Rating analyzes the completeness of information about sustainable development in the company's public reports. AK&M analysts upgraded MTS' position in the ESG Reporting Rating to RESG1 from RESG2 a year earlier, noting the highest degree of disclosure of information about sustainable development in MTS public reports, as well as the company's successful work in the social sphere and the development of a sustainable development strategy for until 2025. 

«Nowadays industry leadership is impossible without strengthening and improving the management system in the field of sustainable development, since all the target audiences of the company, not only investors, but also customers, pay close attention to the activities in this area. More than 70 percent of customers are ready to abandon the goods and services of companies that put their own profit first, and not the protection of people [1]», — Regina von Flemming, Chairman of the ESG Committee, Independent Director of the MTS Board of Directors, commented.This year MTS created an ESG committee under the Board of Directors to consider issues of corporate governance, environmental and social responsibility on the same platform and in interconnection and, thus, better focus on long-term goals and find ways to achieve them effectively. The results of this work are highly appreciated both within the country and internationally: AK&M has raised MTS' position in the ESG reporting rating to the highest; earlier this year the UN recognized MTS' flagship charity project "Generation M" for the development of children's creativity as world best practice for achieving sustainable development goals. Such assessments certainly motivate the company to continue taking active steps to develop the ESG agenda». 

«MTS, due to the specifics of its activities, does not have a serious impact on the environment, however, taking seriously the issues of environmental conservation and the problem of global climate change, publishes detailed environmental data on its activities. In particular, the company, being a member of the JAC "Climate Change Workstream" working group, provides the best disclosure about the carbon footprint among telecommunications companies by publishing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions by category and major assets," — AK&M said in a statement (the full text of the agency's review of the rating is available here). 

About the rating 

The ESG Reporting Rating has been calculated by the AK&M rating agency since 2020. The focus of the research is the completeness of information about sustainable development in corporate reports (annual and sustainable development reports), as well as its availability. The study examines 88 markers. The main purpose of the rating is to show the professional community the best practices of disclosing information about the social and environmental activities of companies. 

In 2021, the ESG Reporting Rating included leading Russian companies that were the first in Russia to build their business in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

[1] Research of Edelman Trust Barometer

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