Medsi: Russia’s largest private healthcare provider leverages cutting-edge technology

Medsi, the private healthcare operator owned by Sistema, is leveraging state-of-the-art medical technology to take its treatment of patients to the next level. This includes sourcing the very latest medical equipment from around the world, hiring the best physicians in the country and training staff in cutting-edge methodologies.

Medsi has grown to be the largest private healthcare provider in the country, offering a complete range of medical services – from pediatrics to emergency medicine, sophisticated surgery to specialties such cardiology, urology and neurology. Despite being a private chain of clinics, in some cases Medsi is able to provide treatment that is paid for by the state, notably in the case of cancer treatment.

RBC, Russia’s leading business television channel, recently ran a segment providing a detailed look at the company and interviews with key personnel. View the broadcast here, with English subtitles.