Sistema SmartTech

The fund was established to support high-potential companies at seed and early investment stages. It focuses on innovative startups in High Tech, including various digital products and services, transport, biotechnology and artificial intelligence.


2020 year


30 percent


5 bn ₽


20 percent

Development Strategy

Sistema SmartTech was established with the purpose of identifying promising market niches and supporting companies with a high growth potential at early stages. The fund focuses on investments in fast-growing startups primarily of Russian origin in order to upscale their business and subsequently exit through a sale to a strategic investor in 2-3 years.

The fund’s target size is expected to be RUB 5 bn, with up to RUB 1.5 bn investment from Sistema, which shall act as an anchor investor. The fund will draw down commitments gradually as it approves specific investment projects. Sistema SmartTech will have a total lifespan of eight years, with an investment period of five years and investments in each individual venture project ranging up to RUB 300 mn.

The fund's mission is to provide comprehensive (financial, structural, marketing) support to promising companies, addressing challenging tasks, and to encourage their growth using available industrial competences in the area of VC investment management and extensive contacts in various industries.

Along with equity investment Sistema SmartTech offers implementation of the best practices to enhance operational and financial processes as well as consulting on the product development, promotion and sales strategy for sturtups at launch and early stages to accelerate them.
The fund is managed by an experienced team of professionals with deep expertise in venture capital investments and a robust project pipeline.

Investment stages

Financing the initial concept or product introduced by the founder.
Financing the project at the stage of entering the market, organizing mass production and hiring a full-fledged team.

Investment focus

  • Artificial Intelligence — technologies for business process automation in various industries;
  • Transport — products and services to optimise logistics and telematics;
  • Digital products — high-tech solutions for the economy, education and healthcare;
  • Biotech — projects in the area of genetics, bioinformatics, molecular diagnostics, cell therapy, biopharmaceuticals.

The team

Ksenia Shoygu

Managing Partner



One of the largest kicksharing services in Russia.
Urent is developing an app for short-term and per-minute rental of electric scooters, that are used for short-distance city trips. The company has become the first among kicksharing market players to integrate with the taxi ordering application.

Investment in April 2021.


Last mile delivery platform.
Checkbox allows businesses of any size to deliver orders on the same day of purchase. The unique advantage of the company is the machine learning algorithms for the distribution and redistribution of orders.

Investment in July 2021.


Pro-level full-stack no-code platform.

Directual is a cloud-based low-code platform for building scalable and sophisticated applications in an intuitive visual interface, that accelerates the development of digital products and their introduction to the market.

Investment in December 2021.

The Mashina

Technological platform for car ownership by subscription.
The Mashina helps to solve all the issues that arise with the vehicle, throughout its use. The startup allows to use a new car without a deposit and first installments with fully included service using the application.

Investment in May 2021.


Digital career guidance EdTech platform for schoolchildren.
Оnline career development service, helping to choose a future profession using a unique technology based on psychometric testing, deep analysis of educational opportunities and the labor market.

Investment in July 2021.


Temporary staff recruitment platform.
MyGig platform for finding one-time or regular part-time jobs helps companies quickly recruit temporary workers during busy hours or high season.

Investment in January 2022.

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