Sitronics Group

Russian IT company that implements digital projects for business and the state. The company is engaged in the implementation of integrated solutions for a Smart City and security, digitalization of strategic sectors of the economy, shipping, maritime navigation, produces IT and telecommunications equipment under its own brand, develops IoT systems and software.

100 percent

in 2021

29.2 bn ₽

in Russia

14 regions

Development Strategy

Sitronics Group is one of the leaders of the Russian information technology industry, is among the Top 3 authorized Russian partners of Microsoft and Cisco, as well as among the Top 3 largest providers of video surveillance solutions in Russia based on 2020 results. The company is a partner of more than 350 global manufacturers of equipment and software solutions. 

Over the years of successful cooperation with the Moscow Government, the Sitronics Group team has accumulated significant design and technical expertise in the target areas. The company has successfully entered a number of regions of Russia – today the experience and competencies of Sitronics Group are used to implement large-scale projects in Moscow, Surgut and Nizhny Novgorod, the Moscow, Samara and Novosibirsk regions, the Republic of Ingushetia. The geographical expansion will continue.  

Over the past two years, the group of companies has been strengthened in the main IT areas, including the expansion of technical and engineering expertise. The product portfolio has been expanded with a complex of advanced turnkey solutions in the field of digital transformation in B2G and B2B. The focus of Sitronics Group is the development of in-house Russian innovative products for the digitalization of the oil and gas producing, metallurgical, energy, transport industries, including in the field of shipping and marine logistics. In 2021, the company launched the production of domestic IT and telecommunications equipment under its own brand to solve import substitution tasks.

The team

Alexey Katkov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Nikolay Pozhidaev



Financial performance 2021

+ 93.8 %


+ 25.5 %


709 mn ₽

Net profit
Sitronics Group in 2021 increased its revenue by 93.8% to RUB 29.2 billion due to the growth of IT services in the field of consulting, outsourcing, technical support and customization of software for the clients — in this segment revenue grew year on year by 435.2%. The sales of high-tech digital solutions, soft and hardware systems for the maritime industry and shipping, which expanded the company's product portfolio in 2021, also had a significant effect on the overall revenue of the company, while in the segment of video surveillance and analytics, revenue was up 26.6% and grew by 19.3% in software development year-on-year. In 2021, OIBDA of the company increased by 25.5% year-on-year to RUB 2.5 billion, net profit amounted to RUB 709 million.
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Integrated security systems

The software platform developed by SITRONICS, "Safe city" provides an effective centralized implementation of emergency prevention and forecasting of optimal response scenarios in a particular region, including an intelligent video surveillance system, emergency channels for citizens and monitoring of environmental parameters. The complex integrates with all related systems operated by The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters, defense and law enforcement agencies and public authorities.

Currently, the Safe City platform is implemented by SITRONICS under a concession agreement in the Republic of Ingushetia. 

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Solutions for education

SITRONICS has combined its own experience and best international practices in implementing large-scale education projects.

The comprehensive SITRONICS solution to improve the quality and safety of the educational process in schools involves the installation of biometric access control and management systems, the modernization of video surveillance systems and the use of video analytics modules that allow monitoring students' activity during classes, their psycho-emotional state and detecting cases of violence and bullying. The complex is undergoing pilot testing, the results of which will allow replication of the solution at the municipal and regional levels.

In addition, SITRONICS, together with its partners represented by leading universities, is developing a marketplace of final educational products. The joint educational platform will ensure the creation of a digitized library within the digital university ecosystem and the integration of the marketplace with the student’s personal account. The solution involves tracking educational activity and making recommendations according to the user goals based on Big Data technologies.
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IT solutions for business

SITRONICS successfully implements a program of measures to increase the reliability and observability of the power system for a number of FGC UES (PJSC Rosseti) branches, including the creation of a single set of dispatch technological control of networks using analytical algorithms and multi-vendor solutions, as well as specialized solutions for communication systems electric power facilities.
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Intelligent transport system

SITRONICS is the only company in Russia with successful experience in introducing an intelligent transport system in Moscow, Russia's largest metropolis. The competence of the company for the development and implementation of intelligent transport systems includes the creation of the ITS macroregion architecture in the direction of the entire spectrum of subsystems that make up the ITS: ATCS, Center for automatic recording of administrative violations, ADMS-LCPT (Automated dispatch management system - Land city passenger transport), transport safety, road user information system, ITS upper-level control and monitoring systems, meteorological monitoring as well as the creation of data centers and the construction of photo and video systems for recording traffic violations.
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Digital environment development and innovation

TOP 3 providers

of communication and video image transmission services to the Moscow SDC
Moscow is one of the ten world leaders in terms of camera coverage (176,000 cameras, including cameras of external video surveillance systems) and the quality of video analytics. As a competence center, SITRONICS provides methodological and analytical support to the city video surveillance system based on the Single Data Center (SDC) state information system. At the same time, SITRONICS is among the TOP 3 providers of communication and video image transmission services to the Moscow SDC. SITRONICS is a supplier of solutions that have a positive impact on the comfort and quality of the urban environment: smart multifunctional supports were installed on a pilot basis in one of the Novosibirsk parks in autumn 2019. At the site of the former wasteland, an innovative public space with intelligent video surveillance, lighting and emergency notification, charging for electric cars and WiFi was opened.
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