Monetization and consolidation of forestry business

In April 2021, Segezha Group held an IPO on the Moscow Exchange, having become the first Russian public timber company, and raised RUB 30 bn to finance its investment program. Following the consolidation of JSC Novoyeniseisky TCC in September, Segezha Group's allowable cut grew by 2.2m cu m, while sawn timber production capacity increased by 30% per annum. In December, Sistema sold an 8.7% stake in Segezha Group to Bonum Capital for USD 150 mn, having retained a 73.7% shareholding of the forestry company after the deal. Segezha Group acquired 24 timber assets in the Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk regions and significant forest resources of LLC Inter Forest Rus from Bonum Capital for USD 515 mn. The transaction doubled Segezha Group's allowable cut to 23.6 m cu m, making it one of the world's biggest forest users.

Acquisition of Nearmedic Group

In September, New Investment Holding, jointly controlled by Sistema and Sberbank, acquired Nearmedic Group, which operates in the pharma, biotechnology and healthcare sectors.

Artificial Intelligence development

In December, Sistema Venture Capital exited VisionLabs, one of the global leaders in computer vision and machine learning. MTS signed binding documents for acquisition a controlling stake from the founders of VisionLabs, which before the deal held 51.77% of shares, and also 25.07% from Sber's structures and 23.16% from Sistema_VC for about RUB 7 bn. VisionLabs has become the biggest portfolio company of Intema, which was established by MTS Artificial Intelligence Center (MTS AI) as a new brand aimed at developing marketable AI products and operating on international markets.

Entering the ESG Alliance

Sistema joined, as one of the cofounders, the National ESG Alliance, that was designed as a permanent platform for dialogue and engagement of all stakeholders, exchange of knowledge and experience between various business segments, the government and society, and development and promotion of new ESG norms and standards for sustainability.

Creating a financial services ecosystem

MTS acquired 70% in Sistema Capital MC, thus increasing its stake in the management company to 100%, to expand the range of financial services and accelerate the launch of new products for retail investors and HNWI.

Diversification in agriculture

Steppe AgroHolding acquired 100% of the PIR Group holding company, Russia's leading producer of pre-packaged cheese and a major distributor of cheese, dairy products and plant-based alternatives.

Expansion of the healthcare chain

<div> Medsi opened a multi-specialty medical centre in the Michurinsky avenue with a total investment exceeded RUB 8 bn, 5 clinics of the local format and 2 family clinics in Moscow under a franchise model as well as a children's hospital and its own lab chain SmartLab. The clinicodiagnostic centre in Shchyolkovo, the first clinic in Rostov-on-Don and the third clinic in St Petersburg were also opened on 2021.<br> <br> </div>

International expansion in pharma

Binnopharm Group made the first step in building its international infrastructure. The company registered its official representative office in Kazakhstan and opened offices in five other CIS countries: Belarus, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia and Uzbekistan.

Regional expansion in real estate

Etalon Group grew its portfolio by acquiring new projects in St Petersburg, Moscow and new regions (Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tyumen and Yekaterinburg) with the total sellable area of 3.6 m sq m.

Development of hydrogen technologies

Sistema agreed with the Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences on research and development in hydrogen energy, and established the Center for Hydrogen Technologies to consolidate R&D in this promising field with the strategic aim to create a new business for the Corporation and a product line based on hydrogen, as well as the implementation of ESG initiatives for the decarbonization of production chains in various sectors of economy.

Investment in space technologies

Sitronics Group acquired the Russian private company SPUTNIX to develop digital services based on space data from low-orbit microsatellites. SPUTNIX develops and produces small spacecraft as well as space subsystems. Thе company has the ability to launching them and control while in orbit.