Sistema's listing in Moscow

Sistema’s ordinary shares are included in Quotation List B of the RTS stock exchange under the AFKS ticker symbol.

Real estate developer Leader-Invest was founded

Sistema establishes real estate developer Leader-Invest to carry out housing and commercial development projects in Moscow.

Sistema Charitable Foundation was established

Sistema Charitable Foundation is established to operate Sistema Group's social investments. It is now one of Russia's oldest and biggest charitable organisations.

Control over Kvazar-Micro

Control was acquired over Kvazar-Mikro, a corporation working in the IT and system integration sector. In 2008 the IT company was renamed SITRONICS Information Technologies and in 2012 came under the control of the NVision Group.

Partnership with Alcatel

Sistema and Alcatel sign a contract to roll out Russia's first broadband entertainment network which establishes a platform to provide multimedia services to Sistema's retail customers.

Sistema is the Best Corporate Borrower

The Euromoney magazine recognized Sistema as the Best Corporate Borrower in Eastern Europe.