Investment in human capital

Key goals and principles of personnel management

Sistema’s HR policy aims to attract, develop and retain highly qualified and efficient managers and professionals who are motivated to achieve business goals and are capable of increasing shareholder value.

Sistema expects its employees and job applicants to meet the following criteria:

  • a high level of professional and managerial competencies;
  • ability to achieve ambitious tasks within short time frames while using available resources in the most efficient manner;
  • persistence and a proactive approach to change management;
  • ethical and responsible conduct in performance of professional duties and cooperation with colleagues and counterparties;
  • commitment to corporate goals and values.

The Corporation ensures favourable conditions for a long-term and productive cooperation with its personnel by forming a strong, stable and motivated team, which is able to achieve high results with optimal headcount:

  • implements uniform approaches to personnel assessment, motivation, training and development;
  • contributes to the creation of an attractive internal environment and develops a corporate culture focused on strategy implementation, engagement of all employees in the business, zero tolerance to corruption and professional misconduct.

Sistema’s corporate culture:

  • is founded on the principles of business ethics and mutual respect;
  • encourages personal fulfilment and success though the success of the Corporation, enables employees to develop with the company;
  • aims to create an atmosphere of cooperation and facilitate the achievement of common corporate goals;
  • supports the development of entrepreneurial leadership;
  • rewards initiatives aimed at improving business processes and implementing innovations;
  • prohibits unethical business practices, discrimination and violation of corporate conduct rules.

The system of selection of candidates for vacant positions is based on the uniform principles of assessment of professional and managerial skills, general development potential and compatibility with the corporate culture. Sistema’s HR policy is aimed at ensuring fast development and promotion of talented and highly efficient employees by including them in the internal succession pool.

To ensure dynamic development and meet the business needs of the Corporation, we conduct a continuous search for talents and professionals within the company and in the open labour market:

  • for senior and middle management positions we recruit highly qualified managers and recognised experts in relevant industries with a strong track record in project management and implementation;
  • for junior management positions we hire ambitious and well-qualified professionals with advanced management skills;
  • for entry level positions we hire employees with great development potential, strong performance-driven culture and business discipline;

The employees interested in a long-term cooperation and growth with the Corporation will get access to unique professional development opportunities in various fields through participation in cross-functional and cross-industrial projects, constant interaction with colleagues from the portfolio companies of Sistema Group, vertical and horizontal communications and internal transfers.