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Segezha Group is Russia's largest vertically integrated forest holding, with a full cycle of logging and advanced wood processing. It has a global presence and a diversified product portfolio. The Group comprises forest, wood processing and pulp & paper assets in Russia and Europe. Its production facilities are located in eight countries and six regions of Russia. Segezha's products are available in 88 countries. Its enterprises employ 13 thousand people. 

Business description

Segezha’s business includes four main subdivisions: Paper and Packaging, Wood Processing, Plywood and Wood Resources. 

Paper and Packaging: In 2016, Segezha exported paper and packaging to 53 countries. Paper supplies to South Africa grew six-fold, to South Korea four-fold, and to Saudi Arabia, Mexico, China, Turkey and Kuwait two-fold. While the Russian market of industrial sacks shrank, Segezha Group increased its market share thanks to a more successful pricing policy than foreign competitors. In 2017, the Group plans to start selling sacks in some new countries in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, while maintaining its current share of the European market.

In 2016, the company began modernising Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill. It is Russia's first investment project in the last 25 years that envisages installation of a new paper-making machine (PMM No.11). The project is divided into three stages and will be completed in 2018. During the first stage, in autumn 2016, digester No. 4 was upgraded, which increased the capacity of the pulp production facility by 28%, to 1,150 t daily. 

Wood processing (sawn timber): Exports account for 99% of Segezha Group's sawn timber sales. The geographical footprint of sales expanded from 11 to 14 countries. The biggest growth of exports was seen in China, the UK, France, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Lesosibirsk LDK No.1, which was acquired in early 2016, reported strong financial and operational performance during the year. The plant modernised its production facilities, optimised business processes and improved management efficiency. Segezha Group is beginning to work with new timber species that are in high demand: larch and Angara pine. After the acquisition of Lesosibirsk LDK, Segezha Group has become Russia's biggest exporter of sawn timber.

Plywood and wood boards: In 2016, with domestic demand declining and demand on foreign markets rising, Segezha increased the share of export in its sales from 71% to 77%. The company's products in this segment are now available in 59 countries (vs. 46 in 2015). In 2017, the Group plans to develop its customer base, and to enter new markets and consumption segments, such as car-making and shipbuilding.

Prefab houses: Segezha Group remained Russia's No.1 producer of prefabricated log houses (30,300 cu m) in 2016. To increase its share of the domestic market in 2017, the company plans to develop a sales force in regions, and set up an in-house architectural and design unit and a customer support service. It will also build a large timber-processing cluster around the Sokol Woodworking Plant in Vologda region. 

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Key Executives

Kamil Zakirov


Sergey Pomelov

Chairman of the Board of Directors



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