JSC RTI is a major Russian research and production company that develops, produces and supplies complex technological solutions, such as radars, comprehensive automated control systems, situation centres, communications means, electronic and microelectronic devices. RTI has own well-developed R&D infrastructure and well-equipped serial production facilities employing more than 15,000 researchers, designers, engineers and highly qualified specialists. This enables RTI to implement major and unique in their complexity projects on a national scale and create high-tech innovative products. RTI Group comprises RTI Systems Concern and Mikron, the biggest producer of microelectronics in Russia and the CIS.

Business overview

RTI's strategy is aimed at strengthening its market position, pursuing organic growth, entering adjacent market segments and boosting exports. In the public procurement segment RTI is focused on maintaining leadership in the area of radio, surveillance and communication systems, as well as information systems for managing and supporting decision-making. In the microelectronics segment RTI is focused on aggressive market growth based on the needs of the digital economy.

Radiotechnical systems and communications

RTI continues developing new products in the radar segment. In 2017, the company commissioned three radar stations making it possible to close the radar defence loop around Russia. New very long-range radars produced by RTI on the basis of prefabrication technology significantly increased the reliability and quality of radar surveillance across Russia.

The joint project of Yaroslavl Radio Factory (RTI's subsidiary) and Thales Alenia Space for production of communications equipment entered the final implementation phase.

Control systems

As part of the programme for developing automated control systems, RTI developed an experimental automation system Region 2020. The system is designed to optimise the work of specialists from the control bodies of regional and municipal sub-systems of the Russian Unified System for Prevention and Response to Emergency Situations.


RTI maintains its leadership in the Russian microelectronics market. Mikron is among the leading European full-cycle microelectronics producers and the largest one in the CIS region. Mikron launches serial production of more than 20 new products annually, each product becoming a basis for developing new digital solutions and services. The company's product portfolio contains about 700 types of microchips, cards and tags, with 15-25 new products tested and certified every year. One of the key areas for new product development is RFID segment with production volumes exceeding 480 items a year. Among the key new products are 8 new RFID tags of various purposes, including tags for animals and for marking wood and metal goods.

The company ensures import independence for Russia's strategic industries: most of Mikron's microchips were given the status of 1st category domestically produced integrated microchips by the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry. The importance of component base for Russia's technological independence and cybersecurity strengthens Mikron's position in the public sector and expands opportunities in the formation of protected markets. For instance, in 2017 Mikron supplied 2m chip modules with own OS for the National Payment Card System and issued Mir-Maestro cards jointly with MTS Bank. Mikron's microchips were also used for new-generation driving licences and electronic obligatory medical insurance (OMI) policies with Russian software. Revenues of the Microelectronics segment grew by 15.7% in 2017 on the back of import substitution in electronic components and increased demand.


In 2018, RTI Group will continue implementing the programme for enhancing business efficiency with a focus on creating added value of the operating business and growing cash flows to ensure financial stability. In addition to its very long-range radars, RTI is planning to develop sales in the adjacent segments and increase export. The key drivers of the ME industry in the near future will include the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, which require a big number of various microchips, 70% of which are produced by Mikron using its own technologies.



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