RTI is a major holding company in the field of defence and microelectronic solutions, which integrates high-tech research and manufacturing companies. RTI's enterprises have their own R&D infrastructure and implement projects in radio and space technologies, security and microelectronics that are unique in terms of their scale and complexity. RTI comprises OJSC RTI Systems Concern and PJSC Mikron.

Business description

In 2016, the defence business of RTI was focused on state defence contracts, most of which were for radars. As part of the creation of a continuous radar field for the missile warning system, RTI Group companies have completed testing of three new radar stations in Orsk, Barnaul and Yeniseysk, and also commissioned radar stations in Irkutsk and Kaliningrad.

In 2016, Mikron Group reaffirmed its status of Russia's largest producer of microelectronic products and a technological leader, and made a breakthrough in the field of import independence for Russia's strategic industries and expansion of exports.

Mikron remains the undisputed market leader in terms of sales and technological sophistication. With the only functioning production facility at the level of 180-90 nm in Russia, Mikron provides more than 30% of all supplies of Russian microelectronics manufacturers. The importance of having its own component base for Russia's technological independence and cybersecurity strengthens Mikron's position in the public sector and expands opportunities in the formation of protected markets and PPPs for developing next-generation microchips for the energy sector, healthcare and distributed computing systems.

In 2016, Mikron began supplying chips for third-generation navigation satellites Glonass-K. Mikron-produced microchips will replace foreign counterparts in units performing information processing and communications functions.  Mikron's main achievement in the area of bank cards was the development and production of a 100% Russian-made microchip with proprietary operating system for the national bank cards Mir. Mikron produced more than 600,000 integrated circuits in 2016 as part of the Mir project. 

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