OJSC RTI is Russia's largest privately owned holding company operating across defence, microelectronics and advanced communication and security systems. RTI is a leading integrator of high-tech R&D and manufacturing enterprises.

Business description

RTI Group comprises the assets of OJSC RTI Systems Concern (defence and security systems) as well as PJSC Mikron and JSC NIIME (microelectronics). OJSC RTI is the management company of the RTI group of companies.

RTI’s activities in the defence industry are focused on development of information systems for Russia's strategic security complexes. The products of the defence segment include Voronezh prefabricated radar stations, over-the-horizon surface-wave and sky-wave radars, radio-electronic systems for space control complexes and high-speed wideband lines for network-centred control systems of the Russian Armed Forces. RTI's subsidiaries develop and implement integrated information control and security systems for government agencies and provide maintenance services. Their products include crisis management systems for operators of strategic facilities, law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructure for B2G and B2B markets.

RTI's main company in the microelectronics segment is Mikron. It is the largest producer in Russia and the CIS of microelectronic components and RFID cards and tags, with an output of over 50m items per month. Mikron's products are supplied to all regions of Russia and the CIS.  In 2015, Mikron exported 500m microchips to assembly facilities in Southeast Asia and Europe, supplied 8m industrial microcircuits to Russian customers and developed 39 types of integrated industrial and commercial circuits.

NIIME is an R&D and production centre specialising in microelectronics and nanoelectronics. The company regularly partners with more than 60 Russian and foreign research centres, technical universities and design centres. NIIME conducts research, design and development work under federal programmes of the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry and the Education Ministry; it also initiates research to be financed from its own funds. At present, the company is involved in over 30 R&D projects, some of which are expected to result in new products introduced to the market in the near future.

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