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Sistema Rusnano Capital

Rusnano Sistema SICAR is a private equity fund established by Sistema and Rusnano in August 2016.

The fund's size is up to USD 100 mn (capital will be committed in equal shares as the need to finance deals arises). The fund is open for outside investors. The average single investment size is USD 3-20 mn for growth stage companies or late venture stage companies with working products. Geographically, the fund is focused on Russia (at least 50% of investments in monetary terms), the CIS, the EU and Israel. Life: 7 years (with a possibility of a 3-year extension).

The fund's investment focus is the technology sector: information technology, robotics and onboard equipment, software and cloud technologies, communication equipment and end-to-end solutions, renewable sources of energy and energy saving technologies (including fuel cells), microelectronics, automated control systems, special communications systems, and software for comprehensive security systems.

The fund has a professional team with a track record in the venture industry. The Investment Committee of the fund comprises three directors from Sistema and three from Rusnano. All resolutions are passed unanimously by the fund's board of directors, which consists of three members

The fund is in the investment phase. As of the end of 2017, Rusnano Sistema SICAR invested USD 16 mn in a number of technological companies and intends to invest in five more projects in 2018. Thus, the fund's target investments will amount to 40-45% of its committed capital.

Key investments

Apis Cor

Russian developer and manufacturer of unique 3D construction printers able to build a house with a total area of up to 130 sq m in 24 hours directly at the construction site. This technology has no global peers. The 3D printer competes with conventional technologies in terms of cost and significantly outperforms them in the speed and ease of construction. The business model is based on provision of wall construction services in partnership with local companies to reduce the printer replication risks and control the construction process. Applications to patent the technology have been filed in 146 countries.



High-tech oilfield services company that offers well diagnostics after multi-stage fracturing. Oil wells are diagnosed through tracer analysis – by introducing propping agents marked by reporting markers that are several microns in size. It has a number of competitive advantages in terms of price and accuracy