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Kronstadt Group

Kronstadt Group is a Russian high-tech company that engineers and manufactures knowledge-intensive products. The company is a leader in the Russian UAV segment and has unique experience in design and production of unmanned aerial vehicles and on-board equipment. A part of Sistema Group since October 2015.

The priority segment of Kronstadt Group is production of large-size unmanned aircraft. The Group's substantial intellectual and engineering potential, its portfolio of key technologies and competences and state-of-the-art manufacturing resources enable it to create high-tech products and solutions that are in demand in Russia and are also able to successfully compete on international markets. 

In 2017, Kronstadt Group successfully completed works under several key government contracts, including supply of 76 simulators to state educational institutions and training centres. The company also continued the implementation of its project for development and production of Orion, which belongs to the category of medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles. The company completed the next stage of the e-Navigation project, providing additional equipment for the test water area covering the Russian part of the Gulf of Finland, the Neva and Svir Rivers and Lake Ladoga. Correcting stations of the differential sub-system of GLONASS/GPS were supplied. 

Besides major government contracts, Kronstadt Group successfully completed its part of the work for creation and reconstruction of a number of museums and education centres, including the Road of Life museum at Lake Ladoga, CSKA museum and the Cultural Centre of the Russian Federal Security Service, and provided multimedia installations for the Military World Games in Sochi under the CISM-2017 project.


Concept Group

Concept Group is one of the leaders in the Russian segment of children's and women's clothes and underwear. The company has been operating in the Russian market for more than 10 years and now it is successfully developing retail chains under the Acoola and Concept Club brands with over 410 stores, many of which are franchised.

Concept Group operates under a multi-brand and multi-channel business model, which ensures a stable growth of revenue due to diversification of proceeds. A professional team of fashion designers located in the company's main office in St Petersburg is in charge of developing collections for all brands of the Group. Manufacturing takes place at partner factories in China, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, India, Russia and Kyrgyzstan, with mandatory quality control.

Concept Group's portfolio includes such brands as Acoola (clothes for children aged 0-14), Concept Club (clothes for women, men and children, home textile), Infinity Lingerie (underwear). The company is operating in the markets of Russia (in more than 120 cities), Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan both through its own retail chain and in partnership with franchise and wholesale partners. In August 2017, it entered the Indian market under children's clothing brand Acoola, opening the first retail store with an Indian partner.

In 2017, the volume of supplies grew by 6% year-on-year to 20.1 mn items. The share of orders from Russian suppliers doubled vs 2016 and reached 2%. 20.8 mn items were sold in 2017, which is a 3% increase from 2016. The Group's total revenue increased by 1.3% up to RUB 11.0 bn.

The company continues its active market expansion and aims to open at least 35 proprietary retail stores a year and attract more than 30 franchise partners. The key goals of Concept Group include active development of online sales and building an omni-channel customer relationship system. 

Key Executives

Kronstadt Group

Mikhail Cherny 


Boris Alyoshin 

Chairman of the Board of Directors


Concept Group

Emin Rustamov