Mobile TeleSystems (MTS) is a leading telecoms operator in Russia and the CIS. MTS and its subsidiaries service more than 107 mln mobile subscribers in Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Belarus, and also provide fixed-line telephony, internet, cable TV services in Moscow (MGTS brand) and all federal districts of Russia. In 2015, MTS entered the market of systems integration and satellite TV.

Business description

MTS remains the leading operator among Russia’s “Big Three” by revenue and OIBDA. In 2015, MTS's mobile subscriber base in Russia grew by 3.6%. MTS Russia continued to generate strong income growth with a 4.4% increase year-on-year, including 2% growth of revenue from the mobile business. Revenue from the mobile data segment increased by 19.8% in 2015 year-on-year.

MTS is actively rolling out its high-speed internet network. In 2015, MTS built more than 15,000 base stations (including 7,300 were built for LTE and 4,400 for 3G networks). Most of the base stations were commissioned in the first half of the year. In Ukraine, MTS launched 3G services in all major cities in compressed time-frames, and in its other markets the company has also continued to roll out high-quality voice and data service networks.

In 2015 MTS was the first Russian operator to offer LTE in all 83 regions of presence, and had the most LTE base stations of any operator in Russia. More than 53% of MTS’s base stations in Russia are for high-speed 3G and 4G networks.

In 2015, MGTS completed the construction of a Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Networks (GPON) in Moscow. More than 95% of households were connected during the project, while the number of GPON-based service users reached 1.5 mln.

MTS will continue actively developing the data segment, fixed-line services and new projects aimed at differentiating itself from competitors, including financial services, Internet of Things (IoT) and systems integration.

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Key Executives

Andrey Dubovskov


Ron Sommer

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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