Medsi Group is Russia’s largest private national healthcare chain. It offers a full range of preventive, diagnostic and treatment services, including rehabilitation for children and adults.

Business description

An important area for Medsi in 2016 was work under the programme of state guarantees of free medical care for Russian citizens. The four-fold increase in the amount of medical services provided in the OMI sector was achieved through active involvement of in-patient facilities, which provided treatment to over 1,200 patients.

The new Clinical Diagnostic Centre at Krasnaya Presnya, which opened in December 2015, is the company’s second flagship asset. In 2016, it opened consultation rooms in all medical disciplines with expert-level equipment, with consultations provided by highly qualified doctors (the centre employs eight holders of post-doctoral degrees in medicine and 40 with doctoral degrees). The clinic’s average daily traffic in 2016 grew from 31 visits in January to around 700 in December. The centre provided services to over 38,000 unique patients in 2016. The work intensity of its doctors reached 65% by the end of the year. However, there is still a substantial potential for increasing the patient traffic by opening new units.

In 2016, Medsi continued to grow, with annual revenue increasing by 14.4% year-on-year. Revenue from direct sales to individuals grew by 11%. Sales via insurance companies (including OMI) increased by 19%, supported by 13% growth in the number of visits following insurance events. 

The Clinical Diagnostic Centre at Belorusskaya again provided the biggest volume of services, with revenue up 6% year-on-year. In accordance with the general strategy, the clinic focused on increasing direct sales to individuals (non-insured), which grew by 13% in 2016 due to a shift towards comprehensive healthcare services and packaged offers.

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Key Executives

Elena Brusilova


Artem Sirazutdinov

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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