JSC Bashkir Power Grid Company (BPGC) is one of Russia's biggest power grid companies, which ensures electricity transit between the central part of the country and the Urals. It manages distribution and transmission grid assets in the Republic of Bashkortostan and carries out design, construction and comprehensive renovation of power facilities using the Smart Grid technology. BPGC Group includes LLC Bashkir Grid Company, LLC Bashkirenergo and LLC BPGC Engineering.

Business overview

BPGC is a modern, innovative, efficient and dynamic company, which dominates the power grid market and controls power grids of all voltage levels in the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is well-positioned among neighbouring inter-regional grid companies in terms of the size of power grid infrastructure. Tariffs for the power transmission services in the Republic of Bashkortostan are in a lot of aspects more beneficial than in other Russian regions. The company also continues consolidating the Republic's isolated power grid assets. In 2017, BPGC's share in the total amount of gross revenue requirement for maintenance of power grids grew to 80%.

BPGC owns over 88,500 km of 0.4-500 kV transmission and distribution grids, three 500 kV substations, twelve 220 kV substations, 252 110 kV substations, 334 35 kV substations and 23,345 0.4/6/10 kV transformer substations. The aggregate installed capacity of its substations is 22,393 MVA.

BPGC's activities are aimed at providing reliable, high-quality and affordable power supply to consumers. In addition to the core operating activities, the company pays close attention to ensuring conditions for the region's economic growth and sustainable development.

BPGC's key strategic focus areas with regard to development of the regulated business are optimisation of the investment programme and overhaul of its grids using state-of-the-art innovative and intelligent solutions, including implementation of the programme for comprehensive reconstruction of power grids in Ufa using the Smart Grid technology. Preliminary results of the programme's implementation show its high efficiency and allow expecting a substantial decrease of electricity losses and of the number of accidents and interruptions in power supply to consumers, as well as a 20% reduction of maintenance costs.

2017 was the third year of large-scale construction of power facilities in the Republic of Bashkortostan. BPGC proceeds with its comprehensive equipment modernisation programme and implements innovative solutions, which enhance the reliability of power supplies and reduce power losses. In 2017, within the framework of modernisation of Ufa's distribution grids, BPGC upgraded 87 distribution and transformer substations, laid 20.3 km of cable lines and installed about 8,700 smart electricity meters. 37,000 meters in total were installed within Bashkirenergo's operation territory; this is the highest yearly result since the launch of the automatic power control and metering system programme in 2011. In 2017, BPGC completed the construction of 110 kV Kustarevskaya substation in Ufa and put into operation 110kV Spartak substation in Sterlitamak and 110 kV Alekseevka substation in Belebey.

In 2017, electricity consumption in the Republic of Bashkortostan grew by 1.1%, “single pot” net supply was increased by 1.5% and the number of accidents at the facilities of BPGC decreased almost by 1%. BPGC's revenue increased by 10.1% year-on-year mainly due to the growth of tariffs for electricity transmission services from 1 July 2017.

As part of its programme to improve operating efficiency, BPGC continues implementing business process automation projects using the best IT solutions and ERP systems.

Further growth of business value will be ensured through implementation of the organic development programme, including the Smart Grid and automatic power control and metering system projects, development of regulation-free businesses (telecom, IT, engineering, etc.) and acquisition of power grid and infrastructure assets in line with the company's strategy.



Number of smart metering devices
Total length of power grids
~ 20,000
Number of new connections per year

Key Executives

Dmitry Sharovatov


Alexey Guryev

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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