Bashkir Power Grid Company (BPGC) is one of Russia’s largest regional energy companies. It manages distribution and transmission grid assets in the Bashkortostan region. The total installed capacity of BPGC’s substations is 22,048.12 MVA. BPGC owns 100% of the equity of LLC Bashkirenergo, LLC BGC and LLC BPGC Engineering.

Business description

BPGC is an innovative, efficient and dynamic company that dominates Bashkortostan’s power grid market. BPGC is well-positioned among neighbouring inter-regional grid companies in terms of size of power grid infrastructure and is one of the leaders for the amount of uniform (common pot) tariffs.

BPGC owns 82,000 km of 0.4-500 kV trunk and distribution grids, three 500 kV substations, 12 220 kV substations, 250 110 kV substations, 334 35 kV substations and 22,894 6-10/0.4 kV transformer stations.

Based on tariff and balance decisions for 2017, BPGC accounted for 80% of the total gross revenue requirement for maintenance of power grids in Bashkortostan.

BPGC’s key strategic focus areas with regard to development of the regulated business are optimisation of the investment programme and overhaul of its grids using state-of-the-art innovative and intelligent solutions, including overhaul of power grids in Ufa using Smart Grid technology. Preliminary results of the programme have demonstrated high levels of efficiency, which is likely to result in a substantial decrease in electricity losses and numbers of accidents and interruptions in power supply to consumers, as well as a 20% reduction in maintenance costs.

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Key Executives

Dmitry Sharovatov


Alexey Guryev

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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