JSC Binnopharm is one of Russia's largest full-cycle biopharmaceutical companies with an in-house R&D division. The company produces and develops new medications in several treatment groups (including hepatitis B vaccine, a line of pulmonology and neurology drugs, infusion solutions, and anti-viral and immunomodulating drugs) at two state-of-the-art pharmaceutical plants in the Moscow region that comply with the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.

Business overview

Binnopharm has the largest in Russia facilities for manufacturing vaccines in ampoules (up to 80m ampoules per year) and a unique fully equipped quality control laboratory. Its plants produce six types of dosage forms: ampoules, syringes, aerosols, pills, capsules and solutions. The company is developing original fixed combinations, biosimilar drugs and fully original medications at its 400 sq m R&D centre, which comprises 7 laboratories. Binnopharm's target segments are: neurology, pulmonology, cardiology and gastroenterology.

The company has all the necessary competences for a full business cycle – from the development/registration of drugs and production of substances/finished products to marketing and sales to distributors/pharmacy chains. It is focused on expanding its presence in the commercial segment of the market, while maintaining sales of hospital products. An in-house sales service has been established to promote the line of commercial prescription (Rx) and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

In 2017, Binnopharm continued to implement the strategy of product portfolio expansion. The company completed the registration of three generic drugs – Ringer's solution, Neurocholine and Moxifloxacin – and launched their production and sales in 2018. Ten more generic drugs are being registered. In 2017, five original combinations were developed and submitted for registration. The company continued the work on the last stage of clinical trials of another two biotechnological products. It plans to launch about 30 drugs in 2018-2020, including new combinations.

Binnopharm's sales service continued to actively promote proprietary drugs in the commercial segment and products of partner companies, such as German Medice and Russian BIS, which provided efficient and quality drugs in such segments as neurology, pediatrics, anti-viral and cold-relief medications, for distribution and promotion.

In 2017, Binnopharm's revenue increased by 21.8% to RUB 2.4bn, driven by both growing sales of proprietary products and increased commercial distribution. In 2017, Binnopharm successfully implemented its strategy for the development of the commercial segment. Commercial sales accounted for 63% of total revenue in 2017, compared to 34% in 2016. The total increase in secondary sales of drugs promoted by the company was 68% vs 2016 (by number of packs). The company decreased reliance on the sales of Regevac hepatitis B vaccine: the vaccine's share in the 2017 revenue was 13% vs 24% in 2016.

In 2018, the company will continue development of the proprietary products portfolio: four new drugs are to be launched in the market, more than 10 new drugs registered, and a number of new products finalised. The company's operational strategy is to continue focusing on the commercial segment of the market and reduce the impact of the state segment. Binnopharm will continue developing a proprietary portfolio of commercial brands. An important element of its strategy is an increase of capacity utilisation and, as a result, an increased profitability of the business. The company's investment strategy envisages acquisition of individual portfolios of drugs and brands that are complementary to Binnopharm's business.



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