Agroholding STEPPE launches own retail brand


Sistema company Agroholding STEPPE, one of the largest agricultural companies in Southern Russia, recently revealed its lineup of retail brand products it had announced last year.

The STEPPE brand covers the Agroholding’s own produce, including apples, cucumbers and tomatoes, as well as produce from other trusted Russian and foreign producers. STEPPE also presented branded grocery products, including over 10 types of grains and granulated sugar supplied by Investprom-Opt Trading House, acquired by STEPPE in November 2018.

The company focuses on providing the highest quality and ecologic safety of its products. STEPPE grows its fruits and vegetables in Southern Russia’s favorable climate, does not use harmful substances, thus preserving the benefits of the produce and differentiating it.

The same principle applies to products procured by STEPPE. The company carefully selects the products, subjecting them to lab testing before they are packaged under the STEPPE brand.

The list of existing retail partners is quite impressive and includes market leaders: X5 Group, Dixy, Lenta, O’key, Metro, and Miratorg. The company also supplies its products in premium packaging to Globus Gourmet and Azbuka Vkusa retail chains.

Developing a retail brand is a logical step for the Agroholding: STEPPE estimates that working with retailers directly  allows it to increase its revenue by approximately 15% for every kg of sold products. Prior to 2018, 70% of the Agroholding’s products were sold in bulk through intermediaries. The company was able to bring the share of products supplied directly to retailers to 90% by the end of 2018 and aims to further strengthen its retail presence and boost sales.