STEPPE AgroHolding develops smart dairy farms to boost production


Russia is among the TOP-10 milk producers by output globally, but its efficiency is up to two-times lower than in leading countries. The average yield per cow is over 11 tonnes per annum in Israel, 10 tonnes in the US and only 5 tonnes in Russia.

Sistema portfolio company STEPPE AgroHolding, one of the major players in the Russian agricultural sector, is an exception from the rule. STEPPE’s dairy farms in Southern Russia have reached efficiency levels on par with global leaders as milk yield per cow is twice as high as the average Russian yield, reaching 12 tonnes per year. STEPPE currently has over 4,500 forage-fed lactating cows.  The company operates five state-of-the-art dairy farms in Krasnodar region, featuring some of the most advanced agricultural equipment, infrastructure and technologies.

The menu for lactating cows consists of well-balanced feeding mixtures. The forage crops come from STEPPE’s own fields, which guarantees the highest quality standards and absence of chemicals. The milk produced by STEPPE is EU-certified, which means that it can be used for manufacturing products suitable for export to EU countries.

Data on cattle is stored and processed in a control system called Selex. The database stores and analyses information on origin, genotype, development and conformation, accounts for the productivity of cattle as well as dozens of other indicators. Selex is integrated into Afi Farm cattle management system, which STEPPE uses at all five of its Krasnodar region dairy farms. The system was initially developed specifically for STEPPE by Afimilk, a global leader in dairy farms solutions.

STEPPE recently announced the construction of a new major dairy farm in Rostov region with a planned capacity of 3,000 lactating cows. The new farm will be built out in stages: Stage 1 will be completed in 2020 and Stage 2 in 2021. The facility is expected to operate at full capacity by 2022, generating a gross yield of 33,000 tonnes of milk based on per cow production of 11,000 litres of milk per year.

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