Update on a claim involving Sistema

Acting in the interest of all shareholders and investors, Sistema discloses all material information in accordance with stock exchange requirements and best practices, and seeks to ensure maximum transparency in relation to all issues concerning the claim. 

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Information materials regarding the dispute 

20.07.2017 Sistema’s legal position regarding the motion to dismiss the claim
19.07.2017 Sistema's legal position regarding the petition to conduct a court-ordered economic analysis
20.05.2017 Information about the market price of Bashneft shares
20.05.2017 Buyback practise
18.05.2017 Presentation Re-organisationof Bashneft: creating value through corporate transformation

15.05.2017 Presentation "Bashneft under Sistema control: History and key achievements"

Documents on Sistema's position regarding the claim 

19.09.2017 Appeal to the Judgment passed by the Arbitration Court of Bashkortostan
19.07.2017 Expert opinion of Doctors of Law Tamara Abova and Sergey Zankovsky
19.07.2017 Opinion of the Institute of economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the lawsuit by Rosneft and Bashneft against Sistema 
19.07.2017 Summary table regarding the "experts" from FRII ELS who prepared the Opinion (with documentary evidence attached)
12.07.2017 Opinion of Clifford Chance. Analysis of certain questions regarding reorganisation
25.05.2017 Motion regarding the increase of the amount of claims
20.05. 2017 Corporate resolutions in relation to the reorganisation of Bashneft as part of preparations for a public offering  

Press releases and annual reports

22.12.2017 Sistema has signed a settlement agreement with Rosneft, Bashneft and the Republic of Bashkortostan
18.12.2017 Sistema: regarding the ruling of the court of appeal in the Rosneft case
08.12.2017 Sistema files lawsuit seeking damages from Rosneft and Bashneft
19.09.2017 Sistema files an appeal against the ruling of the Arbitration Court of the Republic of Bashkortostan  
23.08.2017 Sistema: regarding the decision of the Republic of Bashkortostan Arbitration Court in the Rosneft case

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Timeline of the court dispute regarding Rosneft and Bashneft's lawsuit against Sistema and Sistema-Invest 


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