Sistema is one of the largest public investment companies. The Group invests in a number of industries with the highest growth potential and its companies employ more than 155,000 people in Russia, the CIS and Eastern and Western Europe.



The scale and diversity of ambitious business goals set by the Corporation, as well as exceptional career opportunities within the group of our companies attract both talented young people and experienced Russian and Western professionals.

We strive for a constant increase in efficiency in our human resources management. We introduce modern technologies in the areas of recruitment, appraisal, compensation, training and development. We pay equal attention to this activity in both our public businesses, and in our dynamically growing non-public subsidiaries.

The Corporate Centre of Sistema employs more than 200 people. We are looking to hire exceptional professionals with outstanding capabilities and great potential.

If you are interested in job opportunities, you can send your CV to The information you provide will be processed and stored in our database, to which we refer when we have new vacancies.

If you are interested in job opportunities in portfolio companies of Sistema please, visit those companies' web sites.



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